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May 29th
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Walnut Cove Public Library

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The Walnut Cove Public Library is an invaluable community resource that promotes lifelong learning for people of all ages and backgrounds.


Walnut Cove Public Library
106 West Fifth Street/Post Office Box 706
Walnut Cove, North Carolina 27052
Voice: 336.591.7496
Fax: 336.591.8494

Christine Boles, Branch Librarian

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Cindy Lawson, Assistant Librarian

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Chelsea Morton, Programming Assistant

Emily Burgess, Assistant

Friends of the Walnut Cove Public Library

Our Friend's Group is an excellent and supportive group that holds numerous fundraisers throughout the year and is very instrumental in organizing important events at the library.

The Friend's meet at 6:30 p.m. the first Monday in March, June, and December and the second Monday of September.

The group is always looking for new members to join.  The only requirement is to be a library user and lover!

Our dues are $5.00 per year. Any money we raise through fundraisers and membership dues contributes to projects in the library.

History of the Walnut Cove Public Library

     The Walnut Cove Public Library officially opened November 3, 1970, in a small store front on Main Street as a part of the Northwestern Regional Library system.

     Plans and hopes for a new library on town property began in 1975. After much hard work, set backs and fund drives, construction started in October 1978. With federal funds from the Appalachian Regional Commission, funds from Stokes County, the town of Walnut Cove, Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, businesses, club and individual contributions, the citizens of Walnut Cove moved into their new facility, a 4692 square foot building on Main Street. The dedication service was held on October 28, 1979.

    After 25 years of use and growth, the need for an expansion was realized and plans were started. A groundbreaking ceremony was held December 8, 2005. With help from Stokes County, the Town of Walnut Cove, Paul Fulton, R. J. Reynolds, Duke Energy, USDA Rural Development Department, and many businesses and individual contributions work began and an Open House was held on August 29, 2009 of the newly expanded and renovated 8032 square foot library.

    With a lot of hard work from our dedicated staff, the library is the community and cultural center of Walnut Cove and surrounding communities. We offer many pre-school and elementary aged programs and our adult programs are expanding to include a variety of topics.


The library gratefully accepts donations in the form of money, books,memorial or honor books/items and other donations to enhance library services.

Donations in honor or in memory of friends or loved ones are gratefully accepted by the library.  At your request, each gift book/item donated or purchased with your donation will have a special label which gives the name of the person to whom the book/item is dedicated and the name of the donor.

The library gladly accepts donations of books, DVDs, audio material and other items with the understanding that the items may be used in the library collection or used for whatever best serves the library. 

We do ask that the items be in good condition.  Upon request, the library will provide written acknowledgement of your charitable contribution.  Items may not be left outside of the library, but must be delivered during hours the library is open.



General Guidelines

The Conference Room, Small Meeting Room, and Study Room are used primarily for library programming and meetings of library support groups and staff. Library activities take precedence in scheduling the rooms. When the rooms are not in use for library sponsored events, they are available for community use.

The meeting rooms are available for use by all groups regardless of affiliation: business, civic, commercial, cultural, educational, governmental, political, professional, religious, and/or trade.

The library is not responsible for advertising or creation of marketing information.

The rooms may not be used for social gatherings such as showers, birthday parties, dances, etc.

Delivery of direct, hands-on healthcare services including examinations, demonstrations, or treatments is prohibited. The sharing of healthcare information about healthcare services is permitted.

No group can charge admission fees, collect money or revenue, request donations, or make solicitations while using a meeting room. Fees for academic classes and registration fees for seminars/conferences are permissible.

All meetings must be open to the public and may not be restricted.

Meetings must not disrupt the use of the library, patrons, staff, or interfere with any other library functions.

Meeting attendees are subject to the Northwestern Regional Library Appropriate Behavior and Child Safety Policies.

Conference Room maximum capacity is 90 people with only chairs and 45 people with tables and chairs. Small Meeting Room maximum capacity is 25 people with chairs only and 14 people with tables and chairs.

Reservations, Scheduling, and Completion of Application for use of Meeting Rooms

Advance reservations and a completed Application for Use form are required to use the meeting rooms. Reservations are taken on a first-come, first serve basis.

Reservations must be made with the Branch Librarian, or the library staff in consultation with the Branch Librarian.

The Branch Librarian reserves the right to deny or revoke permission to use the meeting rooms.

Meetings should be held during library business hours whenever possible. Reservations outside these hours may be approved at the discretion of the Branch Librarian, or the Walnut Cove Public Library Board of Trustees.

All meetings held must have at least one responsible adult (over 18 years of age) present at all times.

Building Key

If a meeting is held after hours, the person reserving a room may pick up a key up no more than two days before the scheduled meeting time. The person reserving a room must sign for the key when it is picked up.

The key must be returned to the library on the next day the library is open and the total number of people who attended the meeting must be submitted to library staff at that time.

If the key is not picked up during library operating hours, the use of the room is forfeited. The Branch Librarian is not to be contacted after hours to open the library for a meeting.

Furnishings in Meeting Rooms

The group reserving a meeting room is responsible for the arrangement of the room. Users assume all responsibility for set up and removing tables, chairs, and equipment. Library furnishings are not to be removed from the building.

Responsibility and Use of the Group’s Own Equipment

Groups using the Meeting Room are responsible for handling their own equipment, exhibits, and materials at their own risk. The library is not responsible for theft or damage to the group’s equipment, exhibits, and materials. The library is not responsible for connecting or troubleshooting equipment brought to the library by room users.

If the group using equipment needs authorized licensed copyright coverage, it is the group’s responsibility to acquire and provide the copyright coverage. The library is not responsible to provide such coverage.

Library Equipment Used

If library equipment is needed, it must be noted on the application. Equipment includes the laptop computer, projector, marker board, television, DVD/VCR, and Smart Board.  

If a group wishes to use the Smart Board, the person in charge of the meeting is responsible for setting up a time for Smart Board training with the Branch Librarian prior to the meeting date.

Do not write on Smart Board with any type of marker, pen, or crayon.

Smart Board users may bring a CD or thumb drive for use in the Smart Board computer.

Leaving the Room after the Meeting and Responsibility for Damages

The group reserving a meeting room is responsible for leaving the room, kitchen, bathrooms, and provided equipment as it was found. The group is responsible for damages to the library’s equipment, facility interiors and exteriors, grounds, and parking lot. The room and kitchen must be cleaned after use. This includes wiping down tables, counters, and cleaning dishes. Trash must be placed in the trash can located on the patio outside the Conference Room. A recycling can is located on the patio and can be used for cardboard (no pizza boxes), plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and paper.  

Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Products

The library is a public facility. Alcohol and tobacco products are prohibited in the library building and on the grounds.

Use of the Kitchen

Use of the kitchen must be noted on the application. Refreshments may be served, but are restricted to meeting rooms.

Endorsement by Function of Use

Granting the use of the library facility is not an endorsement of an individual or organization by the library, library staff, or Library Board of Trustees. The name, address, or phone number of the library may not be used as the official address or contact information for an individual or organization.

Loss of Meeting Room Privileges

Any organization that does not abide by the Meeting Room Policy is subject to losing future meeting room privileges as determined by the Branch Librarian and Walnut Cove Public Library Board of Trustees.

Changes to the Policy

Regulations governing the public use of the meeting rooms are made by and revised only by the Library Board of Trustees.  


Exceptions to this policy will be at the discretion of the Branch Librarian and the Walnut Cove Public Library Board of Trustees.

Revised October 5, 2015 


Walnut Cove Public Library

Application for Use of a Meeting Room

Room Requested ________________________________________________________________________________

Date(s) Requested _________________________________ Time(s) Requested_______________________________

Name of Group__________________________________________________________________________________

Purpose of the Meeting: ___________________________________________________________________________


Person Applying on Behalf of the Group_______________________________________________________________

Telephone______________________________________ Email____________________________________________

Equipment Needed: ____Laptop ____Projector ____ Marker Board ____TV ____DVD/VCR

                                  _____ Smart Board

Will the Kitchen be used? ____________ Group is responsible for clean up and trash disposal.

The applicant agrees to return the library facilities to a clean and orderly condition and pay the cost of repairs of any damage to the facility or any library equipment used. The Walnut Cove Public Library is not responsible for any materials or equipment left in the building.


I have read this document and the "POLICY FOR THE USE OF PUBLIC MEETING ROOMS" and agree to comply with both.

Date___________________ Signature of Applicant __________________________________________________

Confirmation date__________________ Branch Librarian's signature________________________________

Your reservation for use of a meeting room will not be confirmed until this document is signed and dated by the Branch Librarian.

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